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Luhan dreams

OK, this is the first ~real~ EXO dream that I can remember vividly, and it was NOT a good one lol!!

So last night I had this dream where me and someone in EC fandom (aka not someone I know irl) were BFFs and for some reason we were in some of camp group, but not really "camp" per se, more like those "lock ins" that church groups do as a fun thing for group members?? But we weren't part of a church group at all. Just some unnamed extracurricular activity group lol. That Luhan was also a part of. Anyway, so we were grocery shopping and everyone was spread out and me and BFF were grocery shopping together and pushing our cart. And while doing so, BFF was bitching about Luhan about how he was such a player and although she found him really really attractive, she would never date him because he would break her heart and she already had a really bad experience with her past boyfriend which had totally destroyed her trust in all men. And so I was agreeing with her. Dream me was also really attracted to Luhan, but I hated him at the same time because I never would have a chance with him and it was just easier hating him than pining away + he really was a player type lol.

ANYWAY, somehow in my dream our group's "lock in" was in the grocery store and there was magically a queen sized bed in one of the aisles. So me and BFF we cuddling in bed together and being giggly and really QT, and THEN LUHAN APPEARS. And then he lies down at the head of our bed, and INTERRUPTS OUR QT BONDING TIME by talking to BFF and telling her how beautiful she is and how much he likes her etc, etc. Then BFF, to my surprise, suddenly falls madly in love with Luhan and starts talking to him (I can't remember about what), and I just remember getting REALLY REALLY JEALOUS because Luhan was STEALING MY BFF. I was seriously SO SO SO ANGRY. And as they were staring lovingly into each others eyes, I was trying to use my hands to block their vision of each other (LMAO), but they were totally ignoring me, so I left. And then they had sex on said bed, but I didn't see any of that, I just knew somehow. So then I just walk over to the alcohol aisle and then somehow the grocery store turns into the front porch of my parents' house and I start calling some of my IRL friends complaining about Luhan and how my BFF abandoned me etc.

And then I woke up with my heart pounding because I was seriously SO ANGRY at Luhan. SO SO SO SO SO ANGRY LOL!! I don't know if I was just a possessive friend or also romantic feels for BFF, but I was definitely not jealous that she got Luhan. Anyway, I tried to stay awake for 5 minutes so I wouldn't fall back into the same dream, it was THAT traumatic for me haha. Luckily I fell asleep dreaming about something else, but today I was so out of it because of that dream. UGH

So the outcomes of said dream are:
1. I actually can't really look at pics of Luhan right now because I just think of dream!Luhan and get really angry hahahaha. Maybe Yixing gods have noticed me talking about Luhan too much lol!
2. I feel like I can't trust EC buddy because dream!EC friend abandoned me like that, which is totally unreasonable, but the dream was /that/ vivid for me.
3. I think I've been reading too much horoscope lately, especially this Venus in Scorpio stuff. But maybe I'm subconsciously a really possessive and jealous person :(.